GCM Tote Relief Campaign

As we have seen, West Virginia has taken a drastic hit from the “Great Flood of 2016”. Gospel of Calvary Ministries is partnering up with communities, businesses, and churches to take part in a Tote Relief Campaign. The goal of this campaign is to supply totes (18-22 gallon totes) with supplies (cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, non-perishable foods, etc.) and deliver them to areas/people in need.

This is a daunting task and we can use ALL the help everyone is willing to give. If you are interested in donating, please let us know. Any donations by check can be made to Gospel of Calvary Ministries. We are not tax-exempt at this time so we cannot provide the write-off service for your taxes. If you are interested in where your money/items are going, we are doing our best to post pictures of the efforts of the Tote Relief Campaign on social media (Facebook).

Again, if you are interested in donating your time, efforts, or supplies, please contact myself (Caleb Davis), brother Brandon Smith, or brother Justin Brewer by viewing our contact information page. We look forward to working with and for you to show the love of God in the best way we can!