I case you haven’t seen some of our more recent posts, we are now able to share our sermons with you online through There are a couple of ways to hear these sermons. First, we will share them on our webpage. Another way is to go to, search for Gospel of Calvary Ministries, and follow us. Third, you can also download the app on your smartphone and follow GCM there as well and can listen to our sermons on-the-go. We are extremely excited to be able to do this and we hope that you will enjoy and let God bless your heart through His word. We ask that if you listen that you will please comment and let us know that you are listening. We look forward to what God is doing through our ministry and hope that you will be blessed with us.

God Bless!

Rev. Caleb Davis

Rev. Justin Brewer

Rev. Brandon Smith

One thought on “ATTENTION: Good News!”

  1. Brethren,
    Josh Owens of Beaver Dam, KY here. My wife Jess and I are members of Pleasant View Baptist Church of McQuady, KY, where Brother Dale Massengale is our great Pastor! I found y’all’s new Page/Podcast, downloaded your messages and the one I listened to today while working, The Longest Walk, was a blessing! I Look forward to hearing/reading more from y’all as the LORD permit, keep growing and going for the glory of God! Please check out our personal Page/Podcast as well, for some great preaching and mine too! I’ll put it at the bottom of this Reply. There, you’ll find our thirty-minute weekly Radio Broadcasts along with broadcasts/messages from great preachers of the past and present, which I’m sure will be a help and blessing! Also, please check out our Blog, for Outlines, Family Updates and other posts of interest. I believe you’ll find a link to it at the top of my Reply. Keep up the great work there, love and praying for y’all! P.S., another way folk can find you, is to go directly to
    Romans 11:33-36 KJB


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